Saturday, January 9, 2010

Need Extra Money?

I just want to share with you how to earn extra income without having to quit your job.  Pick that suits your time, budget, talent and temperament.  You never know when your luck turns for the better - so go for it!

Travel Agent:
What you will be doing?
You don't have to set up your own agency or organize tours.  You simply turn into a freelance travel agent referring people to travel agencies.  Sell the travel packages that the agencies offer and earn your commission in dollars.

How do you get started?
If you know anyone connected with a travel agency, he or she might be your first step in becoming a travel agent.  Otherwise, present yourself to any travel agency and inquire about its sub-agent policies.

Events Coordinator
What will you be doing?
You can be an events coordinator if you enjoy organizing parties, creating themes, and coming up with fresh ideas.  Your job is basically to do the worrying for your host.  Depending on your arrangement with your customer, you may handle the planning and preparations or take care of everything for him or her.  Events coordinators are becoming more and more indispensable as hosts and hostesses realize they can let other people handle their party so they can enjoy it along with their guests.

What will you need to start?
Your chief allies are your contacts: the caterers, entertainers, florists and souvenir makers plus the different venues for holding parties, meetings, and get-togethers.  Ask your friends and relatives for their contacts and recommendations.  To succeed as an event coordinator, you must be highly organized and always on top of things.

Those are the part time jobs of my godchildren and they both successful in their fields.  Actually, one of them recruited me to join on travel agency part time job.