Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Chinese Horoscope today

When I open my mail inbox today, I have again an email from Chinese Astrologer and I like what I’ve read today. I am a fan of reading horoscope since I was in high school but I didn’t take it seriously. I just love to read horoscope, that’s all. When I was working in Manila, my bosses were Chinese and they really followed the Fung Shui advices and since I was the secretary, I was with them whenever they went to a Fung Shui expert. I learned so many things about their beliefs on Fung Shui and Chinese horoscope, that is why until now I am still reading Chinese horoscope. So, here’s my Chinese horoscope reading today.

Dear Katherine,
The Year of the Metal Tiger is about to roar into your life! In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Metal Tiger starts February 14, 2010, and ends February 2, 2011. Expect a year of continued adjustments, but it's no time to succumb to worry or fear. You will find practical ways of building a good life with whatever resources you have. Even if you feel you have lost a battle, Tiger energy says you will win the war!