Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Theater

Yesterday my aunt invited me to watch a movie in a movie theater this coming Sunday. She wants to watch her favorite actress. Of course I didn’t decline the invitation because it is free and I know after the movie we will eat at the restaurant before going home. I asked her which theater we are going to watch the movie because there are two movie theaters near to our place. She wants the nearer theater house but I don’t like the leather chairs there. I suggested the other theater house because it has good leather sectionals chairs and the space is big. There is also an arm on the chair where you can safely put your soft drinks, juice or any drinks. My aunt likes what she heard so on Sunday, I have a date with my Aunty. We will watch her favorite love story movie. I think I need to bring an extra handkerchief, just in case my aunt will cry so hard with that movie. Lol.