Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Proper Diet

While I was surfing today, I came across a site that talked about proper diet. My weight is still desirable and matches with my height but I just don’t know if the food I eat everyday is the proper diet for me since I am not so young anymore. I was surprised when I read about eating an egg and how many calories it contributes to our body. I love hard boiled eggs and quail eggs so much. I love my deviled eggs, the more sour, the better it tastes for me. I love Omelette with cheese gosh! And here is what I learned from the site when you include eggs to your diet.

Raw 6g 75 calories
Boiled average 6g 80 calories
Fried in oil 6g 120 calories
Scrambled (2 eggs + milk) 14g 170 calories
Poached 1 egg 6g 80 calories
Scotch egg 7g 140 calories Omelets 10g 128 calories
Omelets + cheese 17g 240 calories
Quiche (egg & cheese) 15g 300 calories
Egg Fried Rice 6g 210 calories

I was really surprised. I think I need to control this and perhaps I need some food supplement like protein supplements or any dietary supplement. How about you guys, are you sure that you eat a proper diet everyday?