Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fresh water from the faucet

Since we had lots of rains here for the whole week, it is really hard to go to shower also because the water is so so cold.  We don’t have hot water in the bathroom.  We bath or shower fresh water from the faucet and the water is very cold.  Every time I went to the shower, I had a lots of hokus pokus, like getting myself ready for the cold water, or thinking a song to sing and yell as loud as I could. Lol It really helps for me to yell when I poured the cold water to my body. I am not using the shower faucet if the water is cold, I used bucket, poured it to my body, yelled any words, bad or good then jumping a little and while I was scrubbing my body, I kept on singing Oh! Wow! refreshing cold water in the shower lol.  How about you guys do you like to go to the shower without hot water? Do you yell or sing inside the bathroom when the water is cold? Well, if not, try this and you will know that yelling, when the water is cold can really helps to lessen the chilling chin lol.  Have a great Sunday everyone.