Friday, January 1, 2010

Bed for my father

Are you sleeping comfortably? Well, I am very comfortable with my bed. It was my father who is now complaining about his bed. He is asking my mother to buy a new bed for him because he doesn’t like his old bed now. He is asking bigger than his old size bed. He said he saw a place or a store that sells leather beds and he likes it. So he wants my mother to go to that store. My mother has no time yet to go to the store but she’s interested to go there. I just don’t know when she is free to go out because I am also interested to see those beds. I don’t have any plans yet to buy a new bed, but I just want to see those leather beds. You know, if you have a nice bed in your bedroom, I am sure you also have nice sleep. And I also like beds that have under bed storage for your things like blankets, pillow cases, and beddings. So I hope one of these days, we can go to the bed store.