Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adgitize still down

I was surprised this morning when I visited Adgitize.  The site was not able to open and I thought it was my internet connection, so I tried and tried but it was not really working.  So, decided to leave it and headed to my blog. When I was here already, I was again surprised because all my adgitize ads were gone.  I checked my html thinking that it was deleted but it was there so I visited my friend’s blog and I found out that all of us had the same problem.  I headed to Cornyman’s blog because I know he always talked about Adgitize. Well, I was not wrong, I learned from him that Adgitize is down now for he doesn’t know the reasons why too.  Thanks to Martin for always writing about Adgitize. At least I know now why I can’t open the site and why my Adgitize Ads were gone.  I just hope that Adgitize will come back soon.