Friday, December 4, 2009

Shopping at the mall

When my cousin was heavy with her first child, she bought an ordinary wooden bed and a thick mattress. She thought that it will last a long time. Now that she is heavier than before, she is scared if the wooden bed she bought before will collapse or break down because one of the bed’s legs is not so good anymore.

Last week, she came to our house with her kids and she asked me if I can accompany her to the mall because she wants to look for a new bed. I laughed at her because the last time she bought her bed, she didn’t ask help from me. And now she wants me to accompany and help her to decide which one is good and what might be better. We headed to the mall on that day and went straight to the Furniture and Fixture department. We looked around until we saw some very nice contemporary platform beds. They were so attractive with a perfect design for a couple and we really liked them. The next thing we did, we were looking for the price. The prices were not displayed so we asked somebody to entertain us. We talked to a saleslady and she gave us lists of the bed’s models and prices. Wow! The bed was really nice but the price was really bad. It was quiet expensive but the quality was really good. Well, she didn’t buy it but hopefully when her husband arrives from the States, she will probably buy that bed.