Friday, January 1, 2010

Remove Excess Fat

Last night, it was New Year’s Eve, there was again lots of food on the table, plus when you go out of the house the neighbors will invite you to eat their foods also. That’s how we celebrate our holidays here. It is the sharing of food and that’s the greatest fear for those who don’t like to gain more weight. My friend’s mother, she told me last night that she doesn’t like to gain more weight again because it is hard for her to look for a sexy dress. I jokingly told her that she can run to the doctor and have a Liposuction since she has lots of money to pay for it. She laughed at me but she agreed with my suggestion. She asked me then if I know of someone who has done a liposuction, I said no but most of the celebrities underwent a liposuction. She also asked if there are any side effects with this procedure and I jokingly told her that yes, there is a big effect, she will be sexy again if the doctor will remove her excess fat cells in her abdomen. She laughed at me again. So, that was part of our conversation last night and we continued celebrating the New Year, we ate, we sing to my Magic Sing karaoke and others were drinking. We ended our celebration around 3:00 in the morning again just like last Christmas Eve.