Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

Last night, even if our celebration was just quiet simple, no fireworks display, no firecrackers but the kids including my son had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. They have their own kind of simple instruments just to make noise. Other vehicle like car, jeepneys, motorcycles, bicycles, they just put or pulled a can at the back of their vehicle and run on the road to add noise. Janjan my son enjoyed it so much. That was his first time to watch those cars having a can pulled at the back. Dogs were barking because of the noise. Others didn’t stop their car’s horn. Well, since we said goodbye to 2009 and we welcome 2010, we just hope that the New Year will give us more blessings than in 2009 and the best blessing that we had last year was my kids were in good health.