Friday, December 11, 2009

My day yesterday....

Yesterday was a bad day for me. In the afternoon, while I was doing my rounds here, the electric power was cut. It was too bad because I was almost finished clicking on my Adgitize when the power was cut. Well, for a couple of nights now, there were three electric posts that were not working, no more lights at night; two of these posts are near to our house. The small road going inside to our house was so very dark at night and yesterday the electric power company fixed the posts. They finished fixing the posts late in the afternoon already and that is the time for me to cook for supper so, I can’t still open my computer. When everything was finished, from cooking, eating, cleaning the dishes, I watched my favorite evening TV show after watching I sit here on the computer and continue what was left undone. Just a few clicks, I thought I was dizzy, the computer table was moving slowly, and then I looked up under the computer table, my chair and all the things here in my room. Whoaa, the moving became stronger and stronger. Oh it was an earthquake! The people outside the house where yelling, most of them were men. I heard my father who was watching movie at that time, he opened the main door upstairs, my brother who was also watching TV in his room, opened his door also. Janjan was already sleeping and Jason was not yet home. I opened the kitchen door, main door downstairs, and the bedroom’s door. The earthquake was shaking from left to right and not like a bouncing ball.

For those who never experience earthquake, good for you but in case you will experience this, don not run, walk slowly, don’t go near to glasses, chandeliers or to any objects that may fall, open all doors because usually doors are hard to open after the earthquake. When earthquake is so strong, cover yourself under the table, if you are outside the house, don’t go near to trees and keep eye on the road, if there’s a crack line, walk slowly away to that crack, it may bury you alive. If you are in the building, don’t use lift or elevator, use the stairs instead.

That was my day yesterday. I am just glad that the earthquake was not really strong and it only lasts for seconds. Have a nice weekend everyone.