Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Joker Meets a Joker.

One day while I was hanging clothes in the sunshine, there was a man selling a coconut stick broom. He was yelling so that people will know that he is selling a stick broom. When he saw me, he then came closer and this was our conversation:

Man: Ma’am, broom. (In an excited happy tone)
Me: Yeah, I know its broom. (continue hanging our clothes)

Man: (scratching his head) Ma’am, what I mean is, maybe you need a broom
in your house.
Me: Oh! You will give that to me?

Man: (scratching his head for the 2nd time) No ma’am, I am selling my broom,
Maybe you need this broom to sweep your yard etc.
Me: Oh, you want me to sweep our yard? Why? You will take pictures of me?
(Deep inside of me, I want to laugh.)

Man: (Scratching his neck this time with his mouth pointing on both sides)
Oh no ma’am. I am just selling my broom and
I offered it to you hoping that you will buy my broom. That’s all.
Me: oh ok, I said. But I will not buy your broom because I didn’t know
how to sweep our floor or yard.

Man: (This time, he grinned) Ma’am, you are a great joker.
It’s unbelievable if you didn’t know how to sweep floors.
Me: Oh I am not forcing you to believe me but it’s true. (with a conviction tone)

Man: (Laughing out loud at this time) Ma’am, thank you for making me laugh
because I didn’t know how to laugh if I am not drunk, hahaha.
Me: (I was shocked of what I’ve heard but I was able to hide it)
Oh really? Good for you if I made you laugh.
You know laughter is a good medicine.

Man: (Grinning) Oh, my wife will disagree with that. For her, laughter is a sign
of disaster because when she hears me laughing that means I am drunk again.
Me: Oh I see. (was thinking he's a little insane)

Then my eldest son came and he told the man not to talk with me because I am just making him a good time. And the man said, it is okay because he’s also making me a good time. Lol.