Sunday, November 1, 2009

Believe it or not. Last Part

This is the last part and again if you are new here, read first the first and second part before reading this last part. Thank you.

The lights were starting to fade off when the rock closes like a door. I was alone again. I went back to the boat and drove it again. The boat was running so slow and then I heard somebody calling my name. I looked around and was trying to figure it out if that was really my name. And yes, somebody was calling my name and I can recognize their voices. It was my mother and my mom’s sister’s voice. I hurriedly stand up the boat and because I was so excited to hear my mother’s voice and my aunt’s voice, the boat was swaying and I fell to the water down deep. It was dark under the water but I can see the bottom of the boat so I swim going up and trying to reach the boat. I successfully reached the bottom of the boat but when I wiped my face with my hands just to released the water on my face, and when I opened my eyes, I was on my bed at the hospital. The nurses and doctors were around me and they were doing something to my body or maybe they were doing something to make me live again. Until now, I am still wondering if that was only a dream or I was there already but it was not yet my time. I told my mother and my aunt about what had happen while I was sleeping and I felt that it was real. My aunt told me that the people I saw were the souls of people and trying to recognize me if I am their close relatives. Luckily, we don’t have yet a close family who died at that time. My aunt said, if one of those souls recognizes me, he or she might invite me to join with them and with that I can no longer get back to the world where I live right now.

This is my unforgettable experience in my whole life. I thank GOD that he gave me a second chance to live and whatever trials that I had in the past or will have in the future, I know GOD is always there for me.