Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awards from Lovely Friends

Whoa!! I got plenty of awards here. Two friends of mine gave these awards to me. The Inspirational, Butterfly and Loyal Awards was given to me by Shaine of D’Anjhels and the the Best Blog Award was given by Mizhelle author of Life Can’t Wait. I know it is very late in posting these awards guys and I hope you won’t get tired of passing an award to me. Lol Thank you so much the two of you for your sweet thought and for including my blog in your list.

This is from Mizhelle of Life Can't Wait. Visit her blog too.

And these are from Shaine of D' Anjhels the one who designed my layout at Mom's Shopping Lists. Visit her blog too and see her other LO designs.

Now I am passing these awards to all my friends here. Feel free to grab these awards guys...