Saturday, November 28, 2009

10 Random things on Saturday

As soon as I get up from the bed:

1. Turn on my buddy. Oh don’t get me wrong, my buddy is my computer.
2. Prepare breakfast while the kids are still sleeping.
3. Wake them up if the table is ready then eat.
4. Prepare the laundry area, put water to the washing machine and get the entire mountain like dirty clothes.
5. While spinning, sit in front of the computer and check my email.
6. Still spinning? Sweep the floor then run to the pc again and make EC dropping.
7. Still spinning? Clean the kitchen, wash the dishes then run to the pc again and continue dropping and maybe adgizing.
8. When laundry is done, time to go to the shower. (I can’t run here to my pc lol)
9. Prepare for lunch and still doing dropping at the same time.
10. Will eat our lunch then continue blogging.

These are all in the morning only. How about you guys, are you busy on weekends?