Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inspirational Blog Award

I would like to thank my friend named Russ of GrampyandYou and Senior Minds for passing this Inspirational Blog Award to me. It’s an honor to receive an award from friends here in the blogosphere and I just wish that my blogs are really inspirational to all of you there. For me, my great inspiration to continue this blog and my iTravel blog are YOU guys. So I hope you won’t get tired of reading, following my two blogs. And to Russ, thank you again for this award and thank you for all your comments, I enjoyed it so much.

Now I am passing this award to: Dhemz, Shydub, Lulu, Anne, Shy (Sweden), Rose (etc.etc.), Cacai, Chuchie, Hopeful, Beng, Kittykat, Sweetdonut, Ghie, Yen, Shaine, Cecile, vhing, Binkaycoy, Meryl, Lermz, Dorothy, Sandy (Comedy Plus), Lisgold, Jane, Betchay, Sassychic, Czaroma, Tetcha, Laiza, Jenjen, and YOU.

Enjoy your award guys.