Food Trip Friday

This is what we called here Takoyaki. One time, Janjan and I went to the mall just to look for something to eat or to bring home. He saw people standing in front on a small booth. He was curious what was on that booth. He asked me what was on that booth; I said it’s a pick food. He then peeped a little and he saw a woman still cooking the Takoyaki. He asked if it is good and I said yes for me it is good. I didn’t tell him that it’s a vegetable inside because I know he didn’t like vegetables. I ordered one just for me and I asked him to try it. When he opened, he said yikessss… Yes it is like bake coleslaw. I love this Takoyaki so much. It’s delicious and creamy, when you eat it, you can’t stop it even if it is hot.

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