Friday, September 4, 2009

Senators Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda in Davao City

Two weeks ago was our Kadayawan Festival here in Davao . I posted to my iTravel blog the pictures I took when I watched the parade and street dancing. That was my first time to watch Kadayawan live. I was lucky then because I was able to see in person our three senators here. They are Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Loraine Legarda and Senator Jingoy Estrada. I was standing on the exit way so when it was about time for the break for lunch, the two senators passed on my way. People were very noisy and kept on shouting their names because they are also running for a higher position next year. I went near to them just to take pictures of them. So, here are their pictures minus Jingoy Estrada because he was so far from me.

This is Senator Loraine Legarda. I admire this woman really.

This is Senator Mar Roxas. He's also a good man.