Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Ugly Feet...

Here’s what happened to my feet when I was on the street for two days just to watch the Kadayawan Festival. I was surprised when I got home and saw the mark of my feet. The straps of my sandals marked to my feet because of the heat of the sun. I was tanned but that is okay because my husband will love me more if I am tan. I got sun burned to my forehead and a little to my nose but it was not really bad. So here’s my ugly feet now, haha.

Dark Feet

Dark feet

But, it’s only my feet are ugly until now I think…here are the two photos that my son took when we were inside the Botanical Garden at the back of SM Mall Davao. Am I ugly here?? If yes then I will not visit you guys lol.

 Kadayawan Festival