Monday, September 21, 2009

My Mother is Back.

Yes, mother is back from her vacation. She can’t stay in Bohol for so long because she is very active in her religion, and she’s one of the church helpers. Yes, it is only her religion because I never changed my religion as Catholic and I have my own reasons why I didn’t join her religion.

Anyway, as I promise you guys about the “kalamay”, my mother never forget to bring “kalamay” but I was surprised because it is not like before that the kalamay was inside the coconut shell and there was a red crepe paper wrapped around the cracked part of the coconut. That was the old packaging of the kalamay. The new packaging of this is in a small transparent plastic canister, and properly sealed to avoid early spoilage.Well, i like this new packaging compared to the old one because it is much lighter to carry when you travel. Unlike the old packaging, that was bulky, heavy and you needed to be extra careful because there is a tendency to break the coconut if it falls or bumps to something hard.

Kalamay or Calamay in Bohol is mixed of ground sticky (glutinous) rice, sugar, coconut milk, vanilla and some peanuts (optional). When you eat this, it is so sticky, you need some effort to get it and eat it. It will stick even to the spoon but the taste is so yummy. I can guarantee that even if it is your first time to eat this sweet kalamay, I know you will love it. Oh! before i forget, i think if you are wearing false teeth, better remove your teeth first before eating. The calamay might stick to your teeth and your gums. lol So here are the pictures of the kalamay.

The old packaging

The new packaging.

Have a yummy day every one!