Friday, September 25, 2009

My Blogging Experiences

I have been into blogging for nine months now and aside from gaining loyal friends all over the world, there are people too that are not shy to ask help from me to vote for them in a contest they joined. Voting for them is not a problem as long as they know me or they know my blogs and vice versa. How I can vote if I only see them on that day to my blog. There are people or bloggers also that ask for an exchange link, but when they were on your list already, they were gone and never visited you again. I also met a blogger that I mistakenly wrote and sent a wrong name to her CB but I saw it right away so I made a correction and I explained it to her too. Well, the name that I entered was the name of her friend too, so for me, it was not really bad but for her it was a BIG DEAL.

She visited to my iTravel blog and she left a message to my CB telling me that the message I sent to her CB was not for her but for her friend. I told her that the message was really for her, only, I typed the wrong name. I explained it to her that I left another message after sending the first message and I asked an apology too. After that incident, she never visited my blogs again. I was there to her blog almost every day just to drop EC and sometimes left a message again to her CB but she no longer replied to my messages and she stopped dropping EC too. In short, she’s mad at me.

Well, you can’t please everybody. You can’t expect that they will laugh when you make a joke because you don’t know them personally. We are invisible physically here, but our words make us visible. Well, this is my little story, my little experiences as a new blogger and I am thankful that I have friends here that I can be proud of. I will not mention your names mga “bakla”(mga kababayan) and my international friends because you know who you are already. Thank you for all your visits, comments and suggestions. I appreciate it so much. And to "You" who i mistakenly wrote a wrong name, "Peace be with you".