Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Typhoon Ondoy

Help for Typhoon Ondoy victims in the Philippines.

For monetary donations pls visit...

Philippine National Red Cross

Going to evacuation center.

A 2 storey house.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Monday

Hey guys, finally I am able to join today the Blue Monday meme. It was two weeks ago when I saw this meme from my blogger friend named Shydub author of Worth’s Road. I was inspired to join this meme because blue is one of my favorite color. So, here’s my first entry for this week.

This is my nephew joining or playing a mini car race. I know he loves this game so much. This is the day where his father and step-mom gave him pleasure for being a good kid.

 Car race
Car Race

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Proud to be Pinoy (Filipino)

My cousin sent this to me and it made me smile when I read it. So, I thought it would be nice if I will share it to you also. Hope you like this joke guys.

Proud to be Pinoy (Filipino)

Three sportsmen - a Chinese, a Japanese, and a Filipino - meet at the bar for
cocktails the night before the skills contest. As they were chatting, a mosquito
flew overhead making a buzzing sound. Irritated, the Chinese drew his sword,
swung at the mosquito, and the mosquito fell crawling on the floor. "I cut off his wings so he can't fly and bother us again." the Chinese said.

As they continued with their cocktails another mosquito came flying overhead. Not to be outdone the Japanese drew his samurai, swung it at the mosquito, and the mosquito fell dead on the floor. "I cut off his head so he won't bother us again," the Japanese said.

As luck would have it, a third mosquito came buzzing around. Now the Filipino drew his machete, swung it at the mosquito, and the mosquito quickly flew away. Sounding unimpressed the Chinese and Japanese said in unison, "You let that mosquito go?" To which the Filipino replied, "Oh, I just cut his off so he won't breed any more new mosquitoes."

Have a great weekend everyone.

Dark spots and eyebags under your eyes

I read about dark circles and bags under our eyes that the primarily cause of this is the capillaries that leak blood close to the skin’s surface, and it’s not because of being tired or stressed. Usually when we see people having dark spots and eye bags around the eyes, we thought that he or she may be tired or stressed. But according to dermatologists and plastic surgeons, some people get these dark spots or circles around their eyes when their eyes were over worked, or from lack of sleep, but the main reason is that when blood begins to oxidize, it turns a bluish red color just like a bruise. And since our skin under the eyes is very thin, this leads to the appearance of the embarrassing bags and dark circles. And if not treated, this will become permanent. So, if you have dark spots under your eyes, go to your dermatologist and ask for the treatment, but if you want to save money, just look for an eye cream that has Vitamin B Complex that helps retain skin moisture.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Blogging Experiences

I have been into blogging for nine months now and aside from gaining loyal friends all over the world, there are people too that are not shy to ask help from me to vote for them in a contest they joined. Voting for them is not a problem as long as they know me or they know my blogs and vice versa. How I can vote if I only see them on that day to my blog. There are people or bloggers also that ask for an exchange link, but when they were on your list already, they were gone and never visited you again. I also met a blogger that I mistakenly wrote and sent a wrong name to her CB but I saw it right away so I made a correction and I explained it to her too. Well, the name that I entered was the name of her friend too, so for me, it was not really bad but for her it was a BIG DEAL.

She visited to my iTravel blog and she left a message to my CB telling me that the message I sent to her CB was not for her but for her friend. I told her that the message was really for her, only, I typed the wrong name. I explained it to her that I left another message after sending the first message and I asked an apology too. After that incident, she never visited my blogs again. I was there to her blog almost every day just to drop EC and sometimes left a message again to her CB but she no longer replied to my messages and she stopped dropping EC too. In short, she’s mad at me.

Well, you can’t please everybody. You can’t expect that they will laugh when you make a joke because you don’t know them personally. We are invisible physically here, but our words make us visible. Well, this is my little story, my little experiences as a new blogger and I am thankful that I have friends here that I can be proud of. I will not mention your names mga “bakla”(mga kababayan) and my international friends because you know who you are already. Thank you for all your visits, comments and suggestions. I appreciate it so much. And to "You" who i mistakenly wrote a wrong name, "Peace be with you".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Dracula's Kitchen
Surefire way to increase your home's value.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Planning for a Conference, Meeting or Event?

Christmas is coming our way. During this season, a lot of businesses are looking forward to a nice presentable party for their clients and business partners. Planning a party, meeting or a conference is not easy if you don’t have any idea of the spending involved, or where to hold the said event. You will need much extra effort to look for a place that will satisfy your clients or business partner’s needs. How will you do that? Well, I will help you.

Principal Hayley is one of the best hotels in Europe that has fabulous venues which are ideal for any occasion, from corporate to weekend breaks. With their excellent and impeccable service, I am sure you will not be embarrassed with your visitors. Principal Hayley will make your event the best ever. So, don’t waste your time, go to the site and book now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Mother is Back.

Yes, mother is back from her vacation. She can’t stay in Bohol for so long because she is very active in her religion, and she’s one of the church helpers. Yes, it is only her religion because I never changed my religion as Catholic and I have my own reasons why I didn’t join her religion.

Anyway, as I promise you guys about the “kalamay”, my mother never forget to bring “kalamay” but I was surprised because it is not like before that the kalamay was inside the coconut shell and there was a red crepe paper wrapped around the cracked part of the coconut. That was the old packaging of the kalamay. The new packaging of this is in a small transparent plastic canister, and properly sealed to avoid early spoilage.Well, i like this new packaging compared to the old one because it is much lighter to carry when you travel. Unlike the old packaging, that was bulky, heavy and you needed to be extra careful because there is a tendency to break the coconut if it falls or bumps to something hard.

Kalamay or Calamay in Bohol is mixed of ground sticky (glutinous) rice, sugar, coconut milk, vanilla and some peanuts (optional). When you eat this, it is so sticky, you need some effort to get it and eat it. It will stick even to the spoon but the taste is so yummy. I can guarantee that even if it is your first time to eat this sweet kalamay, I know you will love it. Oh! before i forget, i think if you are wearing false teeth, better remove your teeth first before eating. The calamay might stick to your teeth and your gums. lol So here are the pictures of the kalamay.

The old packaging

The new packaging.

Have a yummy day every one!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shanghai Spring Rolls

One of my friends here in Davao named Marife texted me yesterday just to ask the ingredients of my Lumpia Shanghai. I was surprised when she texted me because we didn’t see other for a couple of months now. I replied to her text and I asked her where I can send the list of the ingredients since it is hard if I will send it through cell phone. I told her to come here in the house or I will send it to her email add if she has one or I will post it to my blog and she preferred to get it here in my blog. So, Marife, here’s your request and I hope to see you again one day. Just let me know if you got this recipe or not.

Lumpia Shanghai (Shanghai Spring Rolls)


½ cup ground pork
½ cup ground beef
¼ cup finely chopped onions
1 egg
3 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup finely diced celery
¼ cup grated carrots
1 tsp. oil
Soy sauce and powder pepper to taste
Spring roll wrapper
Oil for frying


Combine all filing ingredients and mix thoroughly. Put at least a teaspoon of filing one inch from the edge of each spring roll wrapper and wrap into a thin roll. Seal with well beaten egg or water. Place wrapped lumpia in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Fry until golden brown. Let cool. Cut into serving pieces if it is long, about 3 inches in length per piece. Serve with sweet and sour sauce or vinegar with crushed garlic and pepper.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Q and A tag

I got this Q and A tag from Jenny of Me And My Shadow and
Donna of BitterSweetLife. These two ladies are both from Davao City. We never met yet in person but hopefully we will meet in the future. Anyway, thank you ladies for passing this Q and A tag to me. I enjoyed it so much. Muah!

Do you think you’re hot?

Please, upload your favorite picture

Swimming pool

Why do you love this picture?
Because my son had a blast here.

When was the last time you eat pizza?
I think 3 weeks ago when we were at the mall.

What is the latest song you’ve heard?
Christmas song. It’s already Christmas here.

What are you doing while working on this game?
Hanging clothes in the sunshine then I brush my son’s rubber shoes too.

What is your favorite nick name?
K….just K.

What kind of people are you?
Funny sometime (rolling eyes), serious sometimes, moody sometimes, and question mark ??? sometimes…

What is your favorite song?
Love me for what I am by The Carpenters and Butchikek by Yoyoy Villame

What is your favorite food?
Kinilaw (raw tuna fish) mixed with grilled pork, onion, ginger, radish, cucumber lemon, chili, vinegar, salt to taste and msg seasoning.

What is the most stressful thing to you?
If I can’t blog and If I don't have money.

Mention the three must have items on your purse.
wallet, cellphone, cards (discount cards, ATM cards etc.)

What is your favorite color/s?
Sky Blue, Light Blue, Aqua Blue

Please tag other five friends of yours.
I would like to tag Amy, Shydub, Anygen, Cacai and Chuchie

What is your not-fulfilled-yet dream?
A Fil-Am daughter waaaaahhhh…wala ng pag-asa, tigulang na si

What is your favorite city to stay?
Davao City, Manila.

To those who are interested to grab this, feel free.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mother Left Yesterday.

Yes, my mother left the house yesterday morning. Oh don’t get me wrong, she just left because she wants to visit her hometown in Bohol. On the 14th and 15th of this month is the barrio fiesta of my mother’s place. Every year, she visits Bohol. Her parents are in heaven already but she still has a brother and a sister there. The last time I visited there was when my grandmother died and until now I have not been able to visit them again. I wish next year, I can visit Bohol again.

Bohol is a very nice place to visit too. You can find one of the wonders of the world here, the “Chocolate Hills”. Aside from that, you can also find here the smallest monkey in the world, the “Tarsier”. They also have great historical caves, underground rivers, a floating restaurant on a river, and the most fascinating white sand beaches and resorts. Bohol is not a big city. No high rise buildings and no big malls like in Manila, Cebu and Davao. But, when in terms of nature, they preserved the beauty of their place.

One of my favorite delicacies there is what they call “kalamay”. Oh, I will explain to you what exactly “kalamay” is when my mother comes back, because I told her to bring “kalamay”. Life in Bohol is so slow. There are only a few jobs there. That’s the reason why when the students graduated already in High School or in College, if the parents will allow, they prefer to go to Manila or Cebu and look for a job. Most of the people there are farmers if they are far from the sea and fishermen if they are living near to the sea. After the whole day of hard work from the farm or sea, drinking “tuba” (native coconut wine) makes them relax and be ready again for the next hard work day.

This is Corella Church. One of the oldest church in Bohol. My youngest brother who is now in Canada was baptized here.

White sand beach in Bohol. Come to this place and I am sure, you will have a perfect vacation in this paradise.

This is the way how they transport people from the mountain to the city, back and forth. Can you still recognize the vehicle? The only vacant part is the driver's front and the wheels. lol.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Double Trouble Made My Days so Frustrating

On Thursday afternoon, Jason, my eldest son, was playing here on the computer. He downloaded a game from the internet a few days ago. While he was playing the game he downloaded, there was a pop-up window saying that the memory was so slow. He thought that the game he downloaded has a big space to the memory. So, he deleted the game and he turned off the computer. I was in the shower at that time. When I came back here in my room, Jason was not here and the computer was off. So I turned it on again. When it opened it, it kept on asking me to pres “CTRL+ALT+DEL” to start the computer. I did it 10 times I think but still the same. So, I went outside and I looked for Jason. I asked Jason what happened to the computer. He said, he deleted the game he downloaded because there was a pop-up saying that the computer memory was slow. I was mad at him because he maybe deleted other files.

So on that day, my son sent the computer to the technician. It was around 2:00 in the afternoon when he left here from the house. He got home around 8:00 in the evening without the CPU. I asked what happened to the CPU. He said when he got there, only the owner of the shop was there. He explained to the owner everything about what happened to the computer. The owner checked the computer and found out that a virus attacked my computer and it needs to be reformatted again. So the owner started to clean, removed the viruses, and reformats the program again but when he was in the middle of working on the computer, the technician came. He then asked the technician to do the work but he didn’t give instructions on what to do with the computer. My son saw that there was another man working on the CPU so my son asked if he was a technician there and he said yes. So my son left just to roam around the place and will come back if it is done already. When he came back to the store, the technician was not yet finished. My son asked him why it is so long while he will only do half of the job because the owner started it already. The technician was surprised when Jason told him that. He then asked his boss if he started already reformatting the CPU. The boss said yes and he just needs to continue the work. The technician checked now the memory and he found out that it was full now. So, there’s no way for Jason to bring back the CPU at home that night because it was already 7:00 o’clock in the evening and the store will close at 8:30. The technician asked Jason to come back the next day for he can’t finish it that night because he needs to start it all over again after deleting all the programs. So there’s a lot of work to do. The next day, that was Friday, Jason went back to the store after lunch. The CPU was finished already and I also called the store to check if all files were still there including pictures and he said yes.

When Jason got home, he connected back all the connections etc and he opened the computer. All the files were intact including pictures. But when he tried to connect it to the internet, there was no connection. He kept on trying but to no avail. Saturday afternoon, I went to my ISP office and they said that the system was down because of the storm in Visayas and Luzon. So until now I am still waiting that the connection will be back and normal again.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

DC Ranch Real Estate

Do you want to own a home that is surrounded with beautiful views and with a great environment? A home where you can relax after the whole day working, where you and your family can enjoy the amenities that most people wish for, especially for the kids? Well, The Holm Group offers services like buying and/or selling homes in Scottsdale. DC Ranch Real Estate is a place where you can be proud to reside because of their community. One of the best attractions is their private golf and residential community. DC Ranch Real Estate has their own amenities like lighted tennis and basketball courts, fitness rooms for you to exercise, poolside and garden patios, rooms for special occasions and events and 33 miles of beautiful walking trails. For the kids, they have the kids wading pool and adventure playground for them to explore.

DC Ranch Real Estate sells condos, from simple family homes and villas, to luxury homes of your choice. You can choose a home according to your budget. The Holm Group will assist you in everything you need when you buy or sell a house at DC Ranch Real Estate. Their expertise in the real estate business will give you smooth and fast results of your transactions with them. So, if you want to have a home of your own or want to sell your home in this place, give some time for yourself to visit DC Ranch Real Estate now. Maybe your searching will end up here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

"Glass of Wine"

Glass of Wine funny picture

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Ugly Feet...

Here’s what happened to my feet when I was on the street for two days just to watch the Kadayawan Festival. I was surprised when I got home and saw the mark of my feet. The straps of my sandals marked to my feet because of the heat of the sun. I was tanned but that is okay because my husband will love me more if I am tan. I got sun burned to my forehead and a little to my nose but it was not really bad. So here’s my ugly feet now, haha.

Dark Feet

Dark feet

But, it’s only my feet are ugly until now I think…here are the two photos that my son took when we were inside the Botanical Garden at the back of SM Mall Davao. Am I ugly here?? If yes then I will not visit you guys lol.

 Kadayawan Festival


Monday, September 7, 2009

Globe Company is Not a Good Internet Service Provider

Globe Company is not really a good internet service provider, at least here in Davao. I can guarantee you that this company will just give you headaches for their very slow connection, or should I say their internet service is slower than a turtle or snail. I’ve been with this company for almost 5 months now and I need to use their service until my contract with them will end, or else I will pay a penalty for breaking the contract. When their agent offered their internet service here in our place, the agent told me that they have 512 kbps speed but where is it now? It is only 12 kbps running I think, where’s the 500? And now I will pay the Php. 995.00 a month for 12 months, what the %#@*&^ is up with this company? I always complained with them about my internet connection but they just told me to turn off the connection and then turn it on again in a minute. I did it but the connection is still the same.

So, for those who are living here in Mindanao, specifically Davao , don’t try to get their internet service because you will just be entering a contract that will make your life annoying and frustrating. Plus, don’t believe the sweet tongue of their agents. They will just be gone after you signed the contract and you can’t even ask help from them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Senators Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda in Davao City

Two weeks ago was our Kadayawan Festival here in Davao . I posted to my iTravel blog the pictures I took when I watched the parade and street dancing. That was my first time to watch Kadayawan live. I was lucky then because I was able to see in person our three senators here. They are Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Loraine Legarda and Senator Jingoy Estrada. I was standing on the exit way so when it was about time for the break for lunch, the two senators passed on my way. People were very noisy and kept on shouting their names because they are also running for a higher position next year. I went near to them just to take pictures of them. So, here are their pictures minus Jingoy Estrada because he was so far from me.

This is Senator Loraine Legarda. I admire this woman really.

This is Senator Mar Roxas. He's also a good man.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ronald Caught
Even a clown has bad days

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You Cheer Me Up Award

Few days ago, I was not in the mood to blog because of what had happened to my Bidvertiser ads. I was really disappointed with them. Luckily, I have so many friends here who cheered me up. One of them was Russ, author of Grampy and You. He gave this award to me. He left an inspiring message to my shoutbox and when I visited his blog, this is what I got from him. An award entitled “You Cheer Me Up Award” Now I would like to say thank you to you Russ for giving this award for me. I would also like to say THANK YOU to you for supporting my two blogs (Mom’s Place and iTravel).

Here is a lil more about the award....

"The bloggers nominated for the You Cheer Me Up Award are among the best in the blogosphere. Maybe, it's due to the fact that there are so many people communicating in one place, but I'm impressed by the character of so many of the people I've met since I've been blogging.

Therefore, I want to nominate blogger's who are brave enough to open their heart, strong enough to be kind, right enough to care about others, and funny enough to make us laugh.

A person with a combination of those characteristics would be brave, strong, caring, and kind, with an open heart, and a great sense of humor.

Now, I am passing this Award to the bloggers who make me laugh until my face hurts, and the bloggers whose writing voice comforts me when I'm feeling lost, teaches me about others, and inspires me to move forward...

This award is for all of you who commented to my “I was terminated” post. Thank you so much guys.

Anygen, vhing F, Stacie, Dhemz, Yen, Lulu, Shydub, Bingkee, Betchay, Kittykat, Twerlermz, donandzku, Meryl, Shaine, Cecile, Shy, Krye, Femmepower, Jov (walk with me) and Myrna.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top 10 EC droppers

Oh it’s time for me to say thank you to my top 10 droppers for the month of August. And I would also like to say thank you to all my loyal droppers even if they didn’t make it to the top. Once again, thank you so much my top 10 droppers for keeping my blog alive. You will be posted to my side bar for the whole month of September. Hope to see you again next month.

Dropper # of drops

Online Social Networking 31

Fledgling Blogger 31

Rambling stuff 30

Lainy's Musings 3

Mike's Blog Marketing Tips 30

Symphony of Love 30

Computer Aid 30

The Way I See It 30 30

The Matthias Chronicles 30