Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Adventure

The cacao fruit

Yesterday, we went to the mountain where most of my mother’s relatives live. My mother’s cousin died that’s why we went there to visit for the last day of the wake. But I have a dual purpose why I went there. My mother’s relatives have a wide farm of Durian, banana for export, cacao and corn fields. We left here in our house around 10:00 in the morning and we arrived there at exactly 12:00 noon. So, my cousin cooked our food because he didn’t expect that we will come at noon. When we were at the table already, Janjan, my son didn’t want to eat because we were using the banana leaf as our plate and we will eat using our hands. No spoon and fork. It was my aunt's rest house or guard house for the Durian farm and it was only my cousin who stayed there so he has only 1 plate, 1 glass, 1 spoon, a small cooking pot and an old native jar for drinking water. I asked my cousin where he gets water for drinking, bath, washing etc. and he said, the people living there were just using rain water, if no more rains, no water and they need to go to proper market to buy water for drinking. Asked me how far the town from the mountain is, it was approx. 5 - 6 miles from the market to their mountain, with no car, jeep or truck but there were motorcycles for hire and payment is somewhat very expensive for them.

As we ate our lunch, I kept on asking my cousin about the place, how the people live, the school etc. and he said kids will walk around 4 miles going to school and if it is rainy, the road is muddy, slippery so the kids will just hold their slippers and wear those again at school. They also use a banana leaf as their umbrella when it rained. There were small stores there but it was almost near to the school. After eating, we headed to our aunt’s wake just a short distance from my aunt’s rest house. I met my other cousins there for the first time, my uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces. They were thankful that they met me because I am the oldest granddaughter of my grandfather who is the brother of their fathers and my grandfather is the youngest brother of their fathers. I was also happy to see and meet them all. Well, this is it for now and I will continue my Sunday adventure in the next posts.

Me, trying to get the Durian fruit but it was still young and not yet ready for harvesting.

The cacao tree and its fruits wrapped in a plastic bags to protect from bees.

The corn fields.

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