Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday Adventure Part III

While we were eating our lunch, I had so many questions for my cousin about his daily life in the mountains. His father, who is my uncle, died already when he was 9 years old. I asked him how he lives on that place alone with no family because his mother and other siblings are living very far from here in Davao City . He shared his experiences in the mountains with us and I can’t believe that there are some beliefs that exist until now . My Aunt who invited me to go to the mountain has two rest houses. These rest houses are not really good houses like in the city. My cousin told us that he doesn’t like to sleep in the other house because that house is like in the road, or path, of our native vampire here or what we called “wak-wak” in Visayan and “Aswang” in Tagalog.

I didn’t believe him when he told us that there is really a vampire in that place but when Aunty told us too that she doesn’t like to sleep at night at that house because of that vampire, I was then a little bit scared. Janjan was scared too. Lol. My Aunt and my cousin had the same experience when the vampire hopped to the roof of the house at night. They said, the house shakes a little and they heard the sounds or voice of the vampire saying “waaakkk, waaaakkkk” in a very small voice or sounds. That’s why they called it here as “wak-wak” because of the sounds they hear at night. I asked them if they really drink human blood just like we saw in the movies. Aunty said no, they are not blood sucker. These creatures are just looking for pregnant women and they will just hop on the roof of that pregnant woman and smell the baby in the womb and the baby will die. They also love to smell infants, for them an infant is the most delicious food for them. Yikes!! My cousin has a neighbor but not actually near to his small house, he said, his neighbor has a healthy fat baby, while the family was already in the bed, the baby kept on crying. The mother tried to stop the baby from crying until they were all sleeping. When they woke up in the morning, the baby had died. They believed that the vampire killed the baby because the stomach of the baby was so thin.

I heard this creature when I was still young, especially in the place of my grandmother in Bohol but nobody can testify that there is really a vampire or a normal person changing the identity at night. How about you guys, especially for Filipinos, do you believe in our vampires here like wak-wak, manananggal, etc.? If so, can you share your experience here? More stories coming up this week.