Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Adventure Part II

On the way going to the mountain, after the town proper, the adventure has started. The road was so rough. The van we were riding in was like a dancing van. When I looked at the side of the road, it was a small drainage. The road was just enough for one vehicle and if there’s another vehicle coming your way, one must go to the side and let the other vehicle pass and if there is no way to go to the side because it is a drainage, one must go back ‘til you can look for a place to go to the side. I was so nervous and scared while we were climbing the mountain. I was holding so tight to the handle bar of the van because the movement of the van was not stable. It went to the right, and then to the left. There were times that I shouted when the van wavered and I felt that we will overturn. My Aunt was also nervous; she wanted to go down from the van and will just walk to the house. I asked my Aunt how far we were at that time from the house and she said, 4 to 5 miles. My eyes were rolling and I said no way, I will not walk. So my Aunt stayed inside the van and just kept on praying. I saw her closing her eyes while her mouth was murmuring. I wanted to laugh but I was also scared. It was a mixed emotion. When we reached the place, it was like “Praise God” we finally reached our destination safe and still breathing. Lol.

We got out of the van and I raised my hands because I was so tired holding the bars. I asked my Aunt how was she and she said she’s okay and when our driver told us that he was praying while driving because it was his first time to drive in very rough roads, we were shocked but then we were laughing because the four of us were very nervous and only Janjan was so happy while we were on the road. He likes the van going to different direction. He said, it was like roller coaster. Gosh! Well, that was a great experience in a very rough road. I will continue my adventure in the next post. Watch for it.

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