Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Internet Connection

For two days, I didn’t have an internet connection. I felt so bad because I can’t visit my friends blogs and I can’t even drop my EC cards. It came back yesterday morning but it was just for a few minutes and then it was gone again and never came back the whole day. I went to the office just to ask why I only have fast internet connection in the morning and in the afternoon ‘til in the evening, the connection is very slow. Still, the answer was the same that I already heard before.

Well, while I didn’t have a connection, I was able to watch on TV the wake and march of former President Cory Aquino. Janjan, my 8 year old son, asked if all presidents in the Philippines , when he/she died, the people will all march for him/her. I told him no. It is only for ex-President Cory Aquino and he asked why. I told him that the ex-President when she was still alive did a good job for the Filipino people. She’s a very good person, a good leader, and silent but brave, that’s why the people loved her so much. She saved the country and brought back the true democracy when she became President. My son didn’t understand it yet the whole life story of Tita Cory as President in the Philippines but he has in mind that if you are a good person, people will love you and will be loyal to you too ‘til the end of your life just like what he saw on TV.

Filipinos from all walks of life filled the streets of Metro Manila for the procession to the Manila Cathedral and honored Aquino as her coffin, with a Philippine flag draped over it and loaded on a flatbed truck adorned with yellow flowers. Business establishments along EDSA and the Makati central business district showered the procession with confetti, reminiscent of the funeral march for Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in 1983. Streamers and banners bearing the words “Cory, di ka nag-iisa,”(Cory, you are not alone) “Salamat at paalam President Cory” (Thank you and Goodbye President Cory) and “We love you Cory” also filled EDSA and Ayala Avenue in Makati .

There were thousands of people also awaited the remains of former President Corazon Aquino at the Manila Cathedral yesterday. It was so touching when closest friends and relatives were sharing their memories with the late ex-President. I can’t help myself not to cry. Today, Wednesday, she will be buried beside her late husband Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

The mother of democracy is gone but her memories will stay in our hearts forever.