Thursday, August 27, 2009

I was terminated...

Bad day for me. Yesterday, I noticed that my Bidvertiser banner ads were missing. I thought it was just not downloaded completely because of my very slow connection. So I just ignored it yesterday and I continued doing my rounds here. Today, when I opened my blog, the ads were still not showing even though I have a little faster connection. So I went to the site and checked what's happening with my ads. I was shocked when I read that my account was terminated. Here’s what they said about my account.

Account terminated


We are sorry to inform you that our editorial team has found that your site is not qualified to be part of our network.

Reason for termination:

Please understand that we can not accept every site as we are obligated for a certain level of quality in order to provide the best service and traffic to our advertisers.

We would kindly ask you to remove any BidVertiser HTML code from your website ASAP.

My question is, if my blog is not qualified then why did they allow me to publish the advertiser’s advertisements? And why they only terminated my account when it is time for them to pay me. I received an email from them that I will have my first payment end of this month for $10.44. Today is August 27 here and supposed to be, this coming Monday will be my first payment with them. Now, is this their tricks or technique to earn money? They let bloggers publish an advertiser’s ads and then maybe they will get the payment from the advertisers but they will not pay the publishers? What a business. They are so smart to grab the money from people’s work. I wish they would have just put the reason for my termination but it was blank. Well, I hope you guys will not have an experience like this. So, now I understand that they are ALL the same.

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