Friday, August 7, 2009

Fruits around the house...

While I didn't have internet connection the other day, I went out of the house looking for some friends or neighbors to talk with. You know Filipino wives, during their free time, usually early afternoon, talking outside in the house are one of their favorite diversions. They have favorite place to stay while talking, gossiping or doing something. While I was with them, my pregnant friend asked her husband to get a young coconut because she wants to drink fresh coconut water. I told her why not make it plenty so we can make a fresh buko salad (young coconut salad). Everybody agreed. This is what I like here in Davao. When you want to eat or make a buko salad, you can just ask the buko from our neighbor's coconut tree. You don't need to go to the market and buy. Whatever fruits you can see in your neighbor's yard here, you can ask for that as long as you will eat it and not sell it. In my small parcel of land, I have jackfruit, papaya, and banana tree. If somebody asks the fruit, they are free to get it as long as they will not get it all lol Here are the fruits that you can see in our neighbor's yard and the fruits in my lot.

The buko salad we made...

Jackfruit tree. The young fruits wrap in a plastic bag so that bees can't hop in. This is from my vacant lot. I wish next year, I can build a house here.

The banana tree in my vacant lot too.

Janjan up on a Tambis tree.

Janjan on a guava tree.

Tambis fruit

Avocado tree and it's fruit.

The green mango fruit.

Caimito or Starapple fruit

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