Sunday, August 9, 2009

Doing manicure/Pedicure at Home

I went to beauty salon yesterday because my toe nail was hurting. I have my own manicure/pedicure sets but I am tired of cleaning my own. So, I went to my favorite beauty salon. When I was there, I forgot that it was Saturday and usually, their customers came on Saturdays and Sundays especially for those who are working. I was on the line and I was not happy with it, so I headed home and I told myself that I will do it on my own. There are also advantages of giving myself a manicure/pedicure at home. I can save my money, time and I don’t have to wait my turn. So, when I got home, I quickly got my cleaning tools and started to clean. For those who didn’t know the proper way of cleaning your own nails. Here are the quick steps.

• Carefully remove all existing nail polish with cotton balls or pads with a nail polish remover.
• Shape your nails with a file. It’s up to you what nail shapes do you like, oval, round or square. Mine is always oval shape.
• Soak your nails with soapy water to soften dry skin and rough cuticles.
• Dry nails a little and start pushing back the cuticle of each nail with an orangewood stick. Don’t push hard to the tip of your nails because the inner part is so soft. Remove the cuticles but not too deep to avoid infection.
• Clean with water using your nail brush. Pat your nails dry for a longer-lasting manicure/pedicure.
• Apply your nail polish but apply first the base coat then the colored nail polish and the last one is your clear topcoat to make your nail polish last longer.