Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Page Rank

Hi Everyone..

You know what? I was so happy today when I opened my Mom’s Place blog. I was visiting my friend’s blog and I saw one of my friends got a higher PR now. I was happy for her and at the same time I was feeling envy because I know my PR runs and never come back. I was thinking maybe Mr. Google punished me for having invalid clicks for my adsense ads. So, I just left my friend’s blog and continued visiting other blogs as I do every day. When I was done, it came to mind to look for my PR. PR is back. Finally, Mr. Google was here and pay attention to my blog. Wow.. I have now PR 2. I am so happy, delighted, in high spirit today because of Mr. Google. I am now expressing my gratitude to Mr. Google for acknowledging my work. Thank you so much.