Sunday, July 5, 2009

The fruit and the tree

The other day, we went to my Aunt house just to get fruits from their tree. My Aunt was not there and only my uncle was inside the house. I called him just to ask permission that we will going to get some fruits on the tree. He replied on a very low and trembling voice like an old man but actually he’s not really old. I asked what happened to him, he said, he has arthritis again and he can’t stand straight. Oh bad, I said. And then uncle told me that we can get the fruit as plenty as we can. Since uncle can’t help us to get the fruit, it was my youngest son who climbed up to the tree. He picked up the fruits on the tree and threw it to me. He enjoyed what he was doing and I enjoyed catching the fruit too but it was also too tiring looking up above. I told my son to stop because my neck was started to numb. He stopped picking the fruits but he was eating up on the tree. Nice view I said. The white monkey is eating on the

We called this fruit here as “Tambis”. I don’t know if there is a fruit like this in other countries. The taste is bland and I just dip it to a spicy vinegar and salt then enjoy!! So, here are the pictures of the tree and the fruits. Hope you enjoy it.