Friday, July 24, 2009

Filipinos are Chocolate Lovers.

Chocolates, whether in the form of bars, cakes, ice cream, candies or drinks can always be counted on to be a hit with people of all ages except for those who are allergic. Here in the Philippines , the best you can give as a present when you come from abroad or outside Philippines is chocolate. They are fighting for it.

I have two Filipino friends who are married to British nationals. When they visited here with their husbands, one of them called me just to ask what I want as a present. I told her I want Olay or Dove products like soap, cream and body lotion and she asked what's for the kids. I said just chocolate because I want chocolate too. When they came, they brought chocolates like Toblerone, M & M’s, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Hershey Bars, Kisses and Kit-Kat. Of course everybody was happy.

One time, we went to the mall including Graham the husband of my friend. He told Janjan, my youngest son, to get what he wants to have. My son runs to the toy section. Graham followed him and then before they got to the toy section, Graham saw the chocolates section. Graham was shocked when he saw that the chocolates they brought from UK were available here. He said why were the bloody chocolates also available here? He thought that we don’t have chocolates like the ones they brought. If he only knew that there are chocolates here like what they brought then he will not buy those chocolates there in UK . I laughed out loud and I told him that if he will just buy those chocolates here then the kids will not be happy and he asked why, was the taste different? I said no, they have the same tastes but the pleasure of eating the chocolates from abroad is totally different from just buying chocolates here. It was like, we are proud to eat imported chocolates brought from other countries. It was Paz, his wife and my friend, who explained to him about the chocolates.

Other reasons why Filipinos love chocolate as presents is simply because; chocolates are usually not included to our budget especially if our budget is very tight. Imported chocolates are expensive. I know it is sounds ridiculous but it is true that Filipinos that do not belong to a high class family or rich family, when we have friends, relatives coming from abroad, the first things we ask is “Did you bring chocolates?”


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