Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiny Coconut

Have you ever seen a very small coconut? Yes, so small it's like the head of the newly born baby? Yes it is true. When my father got home from my uncle’s house, he was holding three pieces of round, dark brown like the coconut skin. I asked my father what were those three things and he said a coconut. I was not thinking that it was really coconut because of the size. I said, wow, a tiny coconut. That was the first time I saw a tiny coconut. My father named that coconut but I forgot it already since it was sounds unfamiliar to me.

Father peeled the skin of the coconut and when I saw the coconut shell, oh so cute, such a very tiny coconut, so I hurriedly went inside the house and got my camera and I took pictures of these three tiny coconuts. I took close-up shoots but they were actually the size of a newly born baby head or maybe a big man’s fist.