Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It’s a bloody rainy Saturday here. When we woke up this morning, the sun was so bright until we ate our lunch, but later in the afternoon while I was here at my computer, the rain came. At first it was just an ordinary hard rain. I had clothes hanging in the sunshine so I went out just to get the clothes and then I remembered our dogs. The female dog just delivered her puppies so I went to the dog house and put an extra cover in front because it is open. And then I went back inside the house. In just a couple of minutes, a very strong wind came. Gosh! It was a really strong wind that made our door in the kitchen begin banging so hard, curtains in the windows were flying and the branches of the trees outside were dancing, then I heard my mother shouting and calling my name. I went outside with my big umbrella but gosh, my umbrella turned like a satellite. My mother and niece were laughing when they saw me holding the umbrella that looks now like a cable antenna or a satellite. My mother called me because the cover that I put to the door of the dog house fell on the ground and the rains were getting inside. So, I put back the cover and I was looking for something heavy to put on top of the dog house so that the cover will not fly because of the wind. I was so wet and feeling very cold and because it was so cold, I kept on yelling while running and looking for a big piece of wood or something. I was like in a panic mode but I was just shouting because it was so cold. I feel that it helps me to lessen the cold if I will shout. I just shut up my mouth when thunder struck so strong. I was in a hurry then even if I can’t stand straight and my knees were trembling and shaking because it was so cold and I was scared with the thunder too. Gosh!! Bloody afternoon, I said.

After all the things were done at the dog house, I went to shower and I changed my clothes and sat again here at the computer. As usual, because it was not shut off when I ran outside, so I just continued clicking the EC. OMG…I waited for so long but it didn’t open. The internet connection was gone…grrrr…You know what I feel??? I feel so bad, very bad. The rains continued, strong winds, thunder and now lightning altogether. The sky was so mad just like me. Mother told me to prepare candles, flashlight and matches in case the electricity will be cut. Well, luckily, no power was cut this afternoon. The rains continued but no more thunder and lightning. While waiting for the rain to stop, I and my son played cards while my niece was watching her Ice Age for a hundred times I think.

What do you think of my weekend? Was it exciting?