Saturday, June 6, 2009

Personalized Kid's Backpacks

My kids are back in school. Classes started only this week. That’s the reason why I have not been able to visit my friends here for these past few days. My youngest son who is in grade II is so excited to go to the school because of all the new things again for his school stuffs like his personalized kid's backpacks. I like his new backpack because there is enough space for his books, notebooks and even with a lunch tote already. Unlike his old backpack, there was no place for his lunch box. And I also put his name to make sure his brother will not borrow his backpack. The design has a colorful border design and with a Mint’s signature fabrics.

Since I am talking about bags here, there’s my laundry bag in the house. I like it because it has a shoulder strap and it makes it so very easy to bring this to my laundry area even if it is full, and the fabric is also made of Mint’s signature fabrics. It has also cool border designs that make your laundry bag attractive. Next week, I will be a godmother again so I want to get a baby's memory book as a gift to my soon to be godchild. All these stuffs from personalized backpacks, laundry bags, and baby's memory books can be found in one site only. So, why not try it now, and visit and see what you can get from there.