Monday, June 22, 2009

Parents Responsibility

What are the responsibilities of the parents toward their children? Is it just giving them food everyday, to have a roof to sleep under, to look over them and teach them right?

A few days ago, I was talking with my husband’s Godchild named Chelsea here in our place. She’s so cute and very talkative. She talks a lot, quite fluently at her very young age. She was wearing a cute sexy dress when I saw her and she was holding a family photo album. I greeted her and appreciated her outfit. She smiled but her eyes were lonely. I asked her who was on the cover although I knew who was on the cover of the album, she said, it was her bad daddy. I said why “bad daddy”? She said, her daddy is bad because he pointed a gun to her mom and luckily when the gun went off, her mom didn’t get hit. I thought she was just telling a story from a movie but when I asked her grandmother, it was all true. The father of the child is now hiding in Manila after that incident because he was haunted by the police for having a gun that is not his, and he is also sued for attempted murder.

Why is it that some parents didn’t mind if their child/children were listening or watching them when they were fighting. Arguing is part of the family life but it is not good if you both are doing it in front of the kids. You might make them scared. I know, nobody is perfect in this world. No Mommy and Daddy is perfect but we are trying to be the best parents to our children. It’s a lot of work to do that but once you do it right, they will surely love you and will be there for you when you’re old.