Monday, June 15, 2009

Mother knows best….

Give your children a good start in life.

I have a 4 years old niece who has an irresponsible mother. My niece stayed with her mother when she was 2 to 3 years old but when my brother, the father of the child, visited my niece at her mother’s place, my niece was so thin, skinny, with big round eyes, very dark and she was malnourished. My brother and the mother got separated a few years ago. When my brother saw her child, he felt pity for her. He brought his child back here to our house. My brother takes care of her now but since my brother has to work, he lets his child watch television the whole day. My brother used the television as a babysitter. I told him that watching TV the whole day is not good for the child but he didn’t listen to me. Since he is not here during the day time, I talked to my niece that TV is not good. I explained to her the disadvantages of watching television for hours. I am not sure if she understands me or not but I gave her an assignment or things to do for her not to remember to turn on the television.

Television can be a wonderful learning tool for your kids. However, sitting in front of the tube for hours on end is taking its toll on the bodies and minds of your kids, robbing them of opportunities that can foster creativity, learning, and social interaction.

What can parents do to reduce the time their children spend watching television? These are the suggestions that can help us parents to help our kids not being able to watch TV for a couple of hours.

  • Set limits on when and how long your child can watch television each day.
  • Avoid using the television as a babysitter. Instead, involve your child in doing household chores as much as possible.
  • Select the shows your child can watch and turn off the television when the chosen shows are over.
  • Whenever possible, watch the selected programs with your child and talk about what you see. Finally,
  • Limit your own television viewing.

Nurturing creativity and social skills in children takes time, determination, and self-discipline. The positive results are worth the effort.