Friday, June 19, 2009

I am addict....

I have been writing on my blog now for over 6 months, because it was December 2008 when I started to make a blog. At first, it was so hard for me to create my blog. I didn't even understand the terms used here like html, tag, code, meta/beta etc. It was like I was in the dark looking for the lights. It was not so simple to learn everything here but little by little, I learned a few things by reading articles everyday in the blogosphere. Since English is not my native tounge, I needed to sometimes read it over and over again to try and understand the whole thing. I sometimes saved the articles to my documents just to read it back again if it is about blogging.

One thing I learned today is that blogging can be addictive. Yes, I am addicted to it now. As much as possible, I don't want to go out of the house. I just want to sit down in front of my computer. When I wake up in the morning, since the computer is here inside my room, I turn it on before going out of the bedroom and doing some morning chores. Right now, since the school has started already, I will prepare first my son's food and things for school. I can only start blogging once my son is in the school already.

Blogging is fun and at the same time I earned a little money here by reviewing products or services. But sometimes, I can tell that blogging makes me crazy. Like, I was in the bathroom doing my things there, while in there, my mind was busy thinking and wondering of the things that I wanted to write to my blog, not knowing that I've been there for nearly an hour and I forgot already that I need to finish something in there. There were lots of times that I overcooked our food because of blogging. I was busy doing blog hopping, leaving a message to their shoutboxes and then I smelled something wrong in the kitchen. Alas!!! it was my food turned black already..haha So, the next time I cooked, I turned the fire on a very low heat but still the same, I almost forgot it again. I wish I will one day have a laptop so I can bring it in the kitchen and continue blogging while cooking. lol. Am I an addict now?? Yeah, I think so. I wonder how many of you have the same experience as me. Well, whatever it is, I love what am I am doing right now and I will not stop reading blogs that talk about blogging. I just hope that one day I am a successful blogger.