Monday, May 25, 2009

Tell me, "Who is perfect in this World....?

A few weeks ago, while I was doing my rounds here, I landed on a blog that talked about discrimination. While I was reading her blog, I felt so sad because she was being discriminated in the country where she lives right now. This woman speaks English very well. Even if I didn’t know her personally, I can tell that she is smart, intelligent, brainy, and down to earth. Her blog will tell you how smart she is. Her blog has a great content, she always has an interesting post or topic and I also learned some English from her. And then she was discriminated in the place where she lives right now? She was discriminated just because of her color? She is not white because she's maybe 90% Filipino in blood but in her heart and mind, she is 100% Filipino.

Why there are some people who discriminate against other people? Even here in the Philippines, even if you are both Filipinos, there are people who judge you by your looks. Just like at the World Of Filipinas, I am a member of that site. This site is for Filipinos who married foreign husband/wife or soon to get married with the foreign nationals. Before I was so active with that site but later I was disappointed and unhappy because there were some Filipino women that I feel they didn’t like me because I am not yet in the States or to the place of my husband. It seems like they only talk with members who are already in the foreign land. Can you call that discrimination? But in fairness to this site, I found friends there and some of them are my teachers in blogging. They helped me and encouraged me to create a blog.

Back to the topic of discrimination above, if you want to know how this smart woman felt discrimination in the place where she lives right now. Click this “I love-hate America ”. She is actually my friend here and she’s from Davao City also. That is why, I was not happy when I read that somebody in the States discriminates against her.