Thursday, May 21, 2009

Senior Citizen Privileges

My mother gave me a small brochure about the privileges of being a senior citizen here in our country. She wants me to read and search on the Philippine website about how to avail of all these privileges.

The government released an “Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2003”. These privileges include:

1. 20% discounts on hotels, restaurants, drugstores, hospitalization and all other medical problems and even funeral services.
2. 20% discounts to all public transportation like busses, taxis, jeepneys and even domestic air and sea fare.
3. 20% discounts to all movie theaters, concerts, carnivals etc.
4. 20% discounts to all basic needs in a family like laundry and bath soap, sugar, salt, toothpaste etc. And the most important that I like or maybe everybody will like this is…
5. 50% discounts to all the bills like electric, water and phone bills.

Wow, 50% discounts on these bills?? I said. Why didn't we know all these things? Well, it’s not too late, so I told mother that she must go to the offices of these companies and ask the requirements on how to avail of these privileges. So, for those Filipinos who are living here in the Philippines, or have a family here in the Philippines and the bills in your house is under the name of your senior citizen parents, then it’s time for you to avail and get these privileges by getting a senior citizen ID from your local city office. It is really a big help for us.