Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovely Award

I got Lovely Award “again” from my friends here in the blogosphere. I had already this Lovely Award from my other blog. Now I want to believe Amy, the first one who gave this award to me, that I am really lovely, lol because there were two people giving me the same award to me. Wow! I feel so lovely now while I am typing this lol. Thank you so much to my friend David of Basic Bloganomics. A blogger, who is always present to my blog, thanks and I appreciated it so much. And to my new friend here named czaroma of A Woman Remembers. The first time I visited her blog, it was her url that caught my attention. I like it. Of course, the whole page is clean and well written and even if we’re just new friends here, she gave this lovely award to me. Anyway, congrats to your make-over and I think I will buy that magazine.

Now I am passing this award to all my ladies friends here namely: Shy, Beng, Bloggista, Dhemz, Techa, Ritchiela, Dorothy, ghie, Beth, Adat, Chie, Sheiangel, Felicity, Yen, Lisa (Lisgold), G.O.D., Dhurianne, Cecile, Dezz, Hopeful, Dhoy, Meryl, Cutella, and Bingkee (Ilove-hateamerica)

Enjoy your award guys...I gave it to you guys because you are all lovely to me.