Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Monday again

I woke up early today but didn't want to get up from the bed. It seems like I don't have things to be done today. Honestly, today is the first day that we, the parents of the pupils will go to the school for cleaning the room and surroundings of our kids rooms. It is a compulsory task of the parents every opening of the classes. Classes will start on June 1st.

After talking with my husband on the phone this morning, I went straight to the shower, got dressed quickly because I want to visit my friends first here in the blogsphere and make some drops to my EC. Luckily, my EC inbox was still working and I can still see people who dropped my EC. When I made 100 drops already, I stopped and left home for school. I got home at lunch time and I bought fried chicken for our lunch. I should be back at school after lunch but the hard rain came, so, I decided to stay in the house and I will just go back at school tomorrow morning.

Because it was raining hard, my bed, just beside the computer was inviting me to lay down there lol. So, instead of doing blogging again, I laid down and took a short nap, that's what I thought, just a short nap. It was 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon when I got up and it was still raining but not a hard rain anymore. It was just a steady rain. I went to the kitchen and I was looking for something to eat and I wanted something hot. Unfortunately, no hot food to eat in the kitchen, so i just made my coffee. So, while I was enjoying my coffee, I sat in front of my computer and started doing my blogging again.