Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award

I got this award from David Funk and this is my first award from him. I am so happy that he included me on his list. And I like the title of this award. It’s Blogger Buddy Award. From the word Buddy itself, I should be thankful that David considered me as one of his good friend. And to David Funk, I will accept this award lol and thank you so much for giving this award to me. Hope to have more awards in the future. Lol.

I am going to pass this award to my friends namely: Ady, Amandaaustismx2, Amiable Amy, AUGUSTINIANS, Benggalicious, Beth, Bingkaycoy, Braggies, Buraot, Cecile, Chie, Cutella, Cybercesz, Dhemz, Dhurianne, Enchie, ghie, hopeful, Joel, Mae, Meryl, Roger, Ritchiella, RETAPNPDOTCOM, Techa, Yen and YOU!

Enjoy your award guys…