Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Greetings For My Brother

May 3, was my brother’s birthday, but he is not here in the Philippines . His name is Roy, and he is living now in Toronto , Canada with his family for more than a decade. I remember when he was still a kid and he saw a white blonde hair little boy and he heard it talking in English, my brother called me and said, “Ate (Filipinos way of calling the eldest sister, pronounce as AH- TE), look at the little boy and listen, he speaks English very well and when I saw the boy, he’s a foreign boy so I told my brother they speak English because that is their language. And then he wished that one day he can speak as good as that boy in English.

Years passed by and now he’s living in a place where English is the major language. His little dream when he was a kid becomes reality now.

And to Roy …Happy returns of the day. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wish your dreams will all come true.