Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Automated Answering Machine

Monday afternoon, when we got home from my son's Taekwondo training at school, I went straight to my computer because I was not able to do my rounds to my blogs that morning, because I was busy with my little business.  When I opened it, I didn't have an internet connection, so I checked the connection and it was disconnected.  I tried to reconnect it but it didn't work so I called the hotline office for the problems that I had here.  When I dialed the number, I was happy because it was ringing; I was expecting already that hotline numbers are always busy.  Just a few rings, the phone was answered by an answering machine asking if I want English or Filipino language and asked me to press 1 if it is in English and press 2 if it is Filipino, so I pressed 1. 


There was an automated answer again telling me to what to do next or pressing the number regarding my problem or inquiry, so I pressed the designated number for my problem.  Again, for the 3rd time, it was still an automated answering machine offering their other products and services like prepaid cards, landline phones etc., and telling me again to press the number regarding to my problem, wow, I said, this will be my 4th time now pressing numbers…so, I still did because I want to know why I didn't have an internet connection.  When I pressed another number again, this is where I heard "Visayas and Mindanao will be experiencing difficulties with your internet connection.  Please be advised that the network reconnection is currently ongoing.  We assure you that the service will be normalized and made available as soon as possible" Gosh! I want to talk with a human being and not an answering machine so I pressed another number again for the 5th time, and this time, nobody answered the phone because it's an operator's number, lol.  What a nice business.  Did you also experience like this? If so, how do you feel about it?  I will be happy if you will share your experience here. 


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