Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, April 18 was my cousin’s wedding. We went to the wedding and my youngest son was the Bible bearer. The wedding was not a Catholic ceremony because the bride is not Catholic. They called the Best men and Brides maids as Ushers and Usherettes respectively. The ceremony took two hours. It was very long for me because I know for a Catholic ceremony; it will take up to 45 mins to one hour only. And the vows were not the same with the Catholic. After the ceremony, they also have like pinning of the money to the dress of the bride and groom but they were not dancing. Unlike with the Catholic tradition, the new couple will dance and the relatives of the bride will pin their money to the dress of the groom and the relatives of the groom will pin their money to the bride’s gown. They also have throwing of the bouquet to the groups of single ladies and whoever gets the bouquet will be the next bride, according to the folklore. Then, they also have getting the elastic ribbon from the leg of the bride by the groom. They have bursting of the balloons and inside the balloons were messages from the Bible for someone who will pick up the small rolled papers. For Catholic, we put those messages to the cake and not to the balloons. Slicing of the cake, drinking wine and flying of the 2 doves were also part of the wedding. The wedding started at 2:00 in the afternoon and we went home at 5:30.

The parents of the Bride. Look at the mother, she kept on crying 'til the ceremony finished. After the wedding, I asked her why she kept on crying and she said, her daughter is only 18 years old and she feel that somebody stole her daughter for the rest of their lives.

The tallest is my son named Janjan. The little kids are my nephews and nieces.

Janjan, the Bible bearer.