Monday, April 6, 2009

School keepsake books

My youngest son is 8 years old in July and he will be in Grade 2 this coming school year. I also have a 4 year old niece. I was happy because I found an online school keepsake book. The year book designs, covers and colors are really attractive for the kids. The keepsake school year book is from preschool, kindergarten, first up to sixth grade. And another thing that's good, it’s a hard bound cover. I can keep their photos and all other memorable activities at school for so long and I am sure they will love to see it when they grow up. The school memory book is not just for my kids. I also like having this book because as I get older, at least I will have something to see when I want to look back to the time they were young. My youngest son is smart child at school and as a reward for being a good and outstanding pupil; I will buy him an Ezy-Roller. It’s a three-wheel cart. No pedals, chain, or batteries. Just glides forward by moving your feet. You can get this one through their children’s gifts online. Visit their children’s gifts online because they have lots of personalized gifts for your kids like mugs, towel wraps, lap blankets and very nice design stickers. Some gifts are seasonal so if you get a chance now, why not try to visit them and see what you get for your kids.