Friday, April 24, 2009

New Internet Connection

Hello World….

I was absent for almost a week here in blogland. I miss you all here. If you remember my previous post that I wanted to change my internet connection from dial-up to broadband, this is it now. I am using a broadband internet connection. It was so timely that the GLOBE company agents did a house to house visit introducing their broadband internet connection here in our place. They tried it with my computer and it was really fast. Imagine the speed, its 512 kbps compared to my dial up from PLDT that the speed was only 48 kbps. SMART Company has 384 kbps. I was supposed to apply with SMART because they are faster than my dial up but when the GLOBE agent introduced their product to me and I found that they are the fastest broadband internet connection, and the price is almost the same with the other broadband’s company, so I decided to get their services although it took a couple of days before they could install my connection and a couple of days again for the activation of my internet connection. But that is okay with me because it will be worth the wait. And now, I am so happy to have this broadband internet connection. I can now visit all my friends here everyday.