Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Name Meaning

Here in the Philippines , the old generation parents, they gave names to their children based on the religious names of prophets, saints and all other names found in the Bible. My name is Katherine and the meaning of this name is “peace”. Now that I have 2 boys, I also named them based on our religious names but since I belong to new generations, I gave them two names. My eldest's name is Julius Christian and my youngest is John Clark. To my eldest, I like Julius because I had a very smart friend and classmate named Julius and I was thinking that my son will be smart like my classmate too, and Christian’s meaning is “follower of Christ”. My youngest name meaning, for John, it’s a “God’s gracious gift” and then Clark ’s name meaning is “genius”.

If I will get pregnant again, I will not have a hard time to look for a name and its meaning because there is already a website that can give you names and their meanings. If you heard of namespedia.com already, well it is good but if not, it is a site where you can get names and meanings if you are looking for a name of your new baby or you just want to know the meaning of all the names in the family including your name. So, are you now interested to know the meaning of your name? Visit the site now and know the meaning of your name and once you know it already, share with your friends and family about the website you found.