Tuesday, April 7, 2009

High Paying Jobs

I read some news about earning $50 per hour. Wow, imagine that every hour you spend at your work makes you $50. I wish I was still young so I could enroll for this kind of job. Maybe you're asking what kind of job that they offer $50 per hour. Well, here’s the list.

· Pharmacist
· Actuary (Management & Technical Consulting)
· Marketing Manager
· High School Principal
· Petroleum Engineer

These are only a few positions that will make you a good income. If you are busy with your work right now but you are not earning too much, why not switch to a new career. There are lots of online degrees right now but chose the right one and you can have a good high paying job.. If only I am able, I want to take this opportunity to enroll or apply for an online degree and I will probably choose Pharmacist.